The Ultimate Guide To Stop Rebuild Fatigue After Divorce
The amount of pain I experienced after my divorce was quite excruciating at times, probably the most intense and continuous experience of my life. 

All I wanted to do was forget about everything, move forward and secretly get some revenge by rebuilding to something bigger and better.

I wanted to prove to my ex-wife that she made a mistake by just upping and leaving and that I was better than any man she could ever dream of finding. 

9 Different times I tried to rebuild, failing miserably at every attempt and growing more desperate as time passed me by. 

I had all the skills and tactics to easily rebuild, yet nothing seemed to work for me. At one stage I thought my ex-wife went to a witch doctor and created a voodoo replica doll, so she could torture me daily.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I was actually suffering from…
Imagine you’re trying to get to a specific location about 10 miles away. You have 3 ways of getting there:

1. Your feet (walking)
2. A car (driving)
3. A helicopter (flying)

Before my divorce, I had a helicopter which allowed me to make decisions based on flying to my specific location. After my divorce, I suddenly only had my feet to get to a specific location but still made plans based on having a helicopter.

See the problem?
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