The Problem With Trying To Fight Back After Divorce
I was lucky enough to get my first taste of martial arts at the tender age of 5. Many days were spent staring at my Bruce Lee and Jean Claude Van Damme posters growing up, dreaming of the day I’d be able to destroy a piece of ice or brick with one simple punch (I’m still dreaming). 

You would think to earn a brown belt and being selected for the national kickboxing team at the age of 8 would make school a hell of a lot easier, but it didn’t. 

Week in week out I would train different punching and kicking techniques to help me improve my martial arts skills, yet the 2 school bullies always found a way (techniques or not) to send me home with a busted lip.  

This ‘last day of school’ tradition continued year after year, even though I knew exactly what to expect and how to fight back, I just couldn’t do it…

Now imagine trying to overcome these bullies without any martial arts skills or even worse, having a blindfold on while both of them attack simultaneously. 

That’s the problem with divorce, it throws you into a pit of total darkness and despair while taking the time to lock you inside a rusty old 2 x 2 metal cage. 

Your focus shifts to the darkness without even considering the bigger picture and problem...  

On the surface, divorce is simple:
  • Lose your partner and some assets.
  • Pick up the pieces.
  • Move forward by rebuilding
If you’ve read my post about the dark figure called the Divorce Effect, you’ll remember the Guerilla Warfare tactics it introduces in your life.

Unfortunately, these tactics come with a series of consequences you’re probably not even aware of. I know I wasn’t…
  • I lost a lot of confidence and started to fail as the leader of my business.
  • I was scared and uncertain about the future which made me desperate.  
  • Small failures seemed like massive mountains I couldn't overcome.
  •  I ultimately became depressed and suicidal. 
  •  I was confused and frustration and couldn't stay committed to anything.
The divorce effect shoved me inside the cage of consequences and all I could see was pitch black darkness, nothing more, nothing less…

It’s one thing to have a background in martial arts and getting in a fight, having a pretty good understanding of what to expect vs being locked in a cage, inside a dark hole not knowing which direction they’re coming from. 

That’s not fun!

You can accept it or not, but no matter your choice, the fact of your reality is that you’re in a fight and if you don’t start throwing some punches, this cage will cost you a lot more than you can possibly handle.
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