Divorce Will Reveal Your True Legacy Empire
I’ve had many different ’short-term’ jobs, from a dental assistant to working in a pie factory in Manchester (UK). I say short-term because for some crazy reason I’ve always struggled to follow orders or abide by a certain set of rules, especially when I have zero control over anything. 

Working for someone else is just not my thing. 

Starting my own business was the logical next move, but no one in my family had ever had their own business and neither had any of my friends. 

Everything I’ve learned about entrepreneurship has come from the internet, books, investing in coaches and most of all… trial and error. 

As businessmen we generally like to do it our own way as long as it includes 2 things: Freedom and Profit, these are the driving force behind millions of successful businesses worldwide.

For me, it’s always been about a bit more than just those two. I wanted to have a massive impact in the world, change lives and build a…
This is a business that not only provides me with all the profit and freedom I want but also actually changes the lives of everyone involved. 

That’s what a legacy empire means to me. 

Before the divorce, my idea was always to make it big in the world of fitness. I spent 12 years as a strength and conditioning coach, owning 3 gyms and working with some of the most amazing athletes and general clientele any coach could have the honor of working with. 

I had a very effective training system in place that allowed us to get some truly amazing transformations with our clients and because of this, the goal was to franchise into 100 locations across South Africa (my home country). 

If it wasn’t for my divorce, I would never have thought about doing anything other than fitness. My experience in coaching and running a couple of gyms taught me the foundational techniques for building my true legacy empire, Divorce Dojo. 

Your divorce might have been a blessing in disguise, so don’t let it go to waste.
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