3 Reasons You're Screwed After Your Divorce
If there’s one thing I’d love the school system to incorporate into its curriculum, it would be teaching more life and business skills, things that you’ll actually use in real life.

I think most of what we learn at school is a waste of time and only forces us into the belief of working for someone else. This keeps us inside the predetermined and invisible trap of having to always be politically correct. Quite a mouthful, I know, but that’s how I feel about a stupid system that sets us all up to fail and live like robots the rest of our lives. 

For those that try to take the different path, every damn obstacle you can think of will find a way to make it onto our path. Struggle after a struggle as we try to make it in the world that only a select few are willing to endure. 

I wouldn’t change anything in my entrepreneurial past, I’ve learned so much through the lies, failures, successes, and sacrifices and it’s what makes me feel alive as a man. 

The one consequence of being an entrepreneur is that we tend to play the role of 'Lone Ranger' quite often, so why would we take on any other role, even after going through a life-altering event like a divorce? 

We wouldn’t and that’s why I (and you) are pretty much…
Growing up in a family of non-entrepreneurial parents and not having any friends who have successfully struggled their way through divorce, I was stuck on my own so Mr. Lone Ranger went into overdrive. 

First I removed myself from all my friends, anyone ‘affiliated’ to me ex was no longer my friend. I stopped speaking to my parents and failed to communicate with and lead my team, I actually left them in charge of my business... Big Mistake! 

I joined a couple of mindset and men’s programs, each of them helping me to some degree but none of them giving me exactly what I wanted. I love the concept of dating my wife weekly to create a better connection and improve our relationship, there’s just one problem…

I was wife-less. 

Watch the video to discover the 3 reasons you’re probably struggling to rebuild after your divorce.
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